Together we can change


World is hit badly by Corona Virus Pandemic but India has been hit worst. Where people all over the world has started to get vaccinated and overcome this pandemic, In India people are dying due to lack of proper health infrastructure and basic health supply. India is world largest vaccine producer but to vaccinate all the population (98%) it would take 3 more years as per the Health resource.

As a human being we deserve to get basic health facility & care and least not die due to lack of oxygen cylinder, lack of bed in hospital. We can contribute a little effort from our own side to those in desperate need. Our little help can save a life of human, those who are battling each and everyday. 

I have started a small fundraiser to help individuals and families who needs immense support at this hour of need by providing them with food, health kits and medications. Your every single help is highly appreciated & welcomed. A small step from each and everyone of us can save many lives & help people in great ways. Thank You